Spring 2021 /Rebound/


A Pandemic-Conscious Campus

Gekka infrared thermometersThe object on the right is one of nine Gekka infrared thermometers that have been wall-mounted near the entrance of Pomona College residence halls as part of a project to upgrade campus facilities to provide for the safe return of students, faculty and staff. These IR thermometers are only one small part of a wide-ranging story of added equipment, renovated spaces, upgraded facilities and carefully planned health protocols designed to make the campus a safer place while the novel coronavirus continues to require a high degree of institutional vigilance. Here are a few of the other changes that members of the returning College community will find waiting for them:

1. The creation of an on-site clinic in Rembrandt Hall to oversee health protocols, do COVID-19 testing and carry out contact tracing

2. Optimized heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that will infuse more outside air into the interior of campus buildings

3. The installation of upgraded air filters (from MERV 8 to MERV 11) throughout all campus buildings

4. The installation of 15 automatic door openers and 275 touchless door-opening devices throughout campus to help the community avoid high-touch objects such as doorknobs

5. The addition of 325 soap dispensers in residence hall bathrooms to make it easier for students to wash their hands frequently

6. A daily Pomona Safe email reminding members of the campus community to follow all health protocols, including a required self-check, before coming to campus.

7. The installation of 175 hand-sanitizing stations throughout common areas in all campus buildings to encourage safe behaviors

8. The development of new seating plans for Pomona College classrooms to allow for in-class social distancing during instruction

9. The addition of plexiglass shielding to all front-facing College departments to provide protection for employees whose work requires face-to-face contact with others

10. Specialized COVID-19 cleaning training and supplies provided to all housekeeping staff