Spring 2016 /Face to Face/

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Here are a just a few of the ways alumni are coming face to face, literally and virtually, this academic year.

Looking for your chance to come face to face with fellow Sagehens?

This Bulletin Board is a great place to learn about alumni community events on campus, in your area and around the globe. For more frequent updates on opportunities to come together with fellow Sagehens, join the Pomona Alumni Facebook group at facebook.com/groups/Sagehens, check listings of upcoming events at pomona.edu/alumnievents and update your email address at pomona.edu/alumniupdate.

Pomona in a City Near You…

Speaker at Pomona in the City Southern California

Pomona in the City Southern California

The fall 2015 edition of a popular new Sagehen tradition, Pomona in the City Southern California, took place on Sunday, November 8 in Dana Point, California. 135 alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends flocked to the St. Regis Monarch Beach to reconnect with the College community and attend a series of learning sessions, kicked off with a welcome from President David Oxtoby and a keynote address by Professor Char Miller. The afternoon of learning concluded with an outdoor cocktail reception on the Pacific Ballroom Promenade. To date, Pomona in the City—a conference-style program that takes the academic offerings of the College to major cities to share the classroom experience with the Pomona community—has been held in Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Washington, D.C., and Southern California. Pomona in the City speakers have included David Oxtoby, Pierre Englebert, George Gorse, Lesley Irvine, Susan McWilliams, Char Miller, John Seery, Shahriar Shahriari, Nicole Weekes, Ken Wolf and Sam Yamashita.

Pomona in the City: San Francisco

The most recent Pomona in the City program was scheduled for Saturday, April 9, 2016, at the Hotel Nikko San Francisco. Watch for details of future editions of this popular program in your mailbox and at pomona.edu/alumnievents.

Honor a Daring Mind Wrap-Up
Two Daring Minds honorees Daring Mind honoree Cecil and a Daring Mind participantNote from Professor Andresen

What makes a meaningful finale for a years-long, record-breaking campaign? A celebration of the people at its heart, of course! Members of the Pomona community showed up in droves for the Honor a Daring Mind celebration, which kicked off in November and gained momentum through December as Sagehens around the world caught word. More than 1,100 students, alumni, parents and friends answered the call to honor their favorite Pomona person, recognizing 678 inspirational professors, coaches, classmates, mentors and friends. Gifts given in honor of Daring Minds during the celebration, totaling $447,064, were matched by the Daring Minds Fund, fulfilling a $1 million matching grant to support Pomona education. Thank you, Pomona community, for recognizing the people at the heart of this effort and closing the Campaign with a ringing “Chirp!” To see the full list of honorees, please visit pomona.edu/hdm before June 30.

Quest Student/Alumni Engagement Reception at Alumni Weekend 2016

Happy Anniversary, Quest alumni! This year, Pomona celebrates 10 years of partnership with QuestBridge, a program with a mission to match high-achieving, low-income students with top-tier colleges and to support them from high school through college to their first job. Since 2006, Pomona has enrolled 325 students through the program.

Students, alumni and friends of the Quest program are invited to a special Quest Student/Alumni Engagement Reception on the Pomona campus on Friday, April 29 to celebrate as part of the Alumni Weekend 2016 festivities. 47 chirps to our Quest alums!

To see the growing list of events and receptions planned for Pomona College cohorts, campus organizations, academic departments, visit pomona.edu/alumniweekend. Make your plans soon to come back to Claremont for the biggest Sagehen party of the year!

Winter Break Parties

More than 800 Sagehen alumni, parents, current students (and early decision admittees of the Class of 2020!) gathered in 10 major cities this January for Pomona’s annual Winter Break Parties. Held during the first two weeks of January, Winter Break Parties are one of the best ways for Sagehens of all ages to connect with the Pomona community in their own city. For more information on Winter Break Parties and other events in your area, visit pomona.edu/alumnievents and join us in the Pomona College Alumni Facebook Group.