This is Jeopardy!

Some 26,000 students from more than 4,000 colleges auditioned for the chance to be among the 36 competitors in the Jeopardy! National College Championship, televised in February.

Lauren Rodriguez ’22 made the cut and then some, taking home $20,000 after reaching the tournament semifinals.

“I had such a blast competing on the show,” says Rodriguez, a public policy analysis and sociology major whose first post-graduation job is in management consulting. “Being part of the College Championship as opposed to regular Jeopardy! made it so rewarding, because I was able to meet 35 other college kids from all across the country and form friendships with them. We all embraced our inner nerd together and had a lot of fun.”

The tournament champion, University of Texas senior Jaskaran Singh, won $250,000.

Besides cash, Rodriguez took home memories for a lifetime.

As she posted on Instagram to promote the show, “I’ll take Bucket List for 2022, Mayim 🤪

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