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Summer 2022 /The Power of Two/

Take Two: The Classes of ’20 and ’21 Return

Imagine yourself returning to Harwood, Mudd-Blaisdell or wherever you began your college days to spend a few nights. Think of rolling out of your twin bed on a Saturday morning to hit the breakfast buffet at Frary or go for a run under the oaks. In an experience that felt both “awkward” and “very nostalgic,” more than 500 members of the pandemic classes of 2020 and 2021 who didn’t get to have on-campus Commencements accepted invitations to return for a celebratory weekend in May. The College provided residence hall housing, meals at Frary and stipends to defray travel costs for the delayed and unusually exuberant Commencement on Marston Quad for the not-so-new grads—many of whom not only already have jobs and apartments, but in some cases, master’s degrees.

I’m coming from Europe so I’m very jet lagged. It’s almost dinner time for me.”

— Adelaide Wendel ’21

The emotional part is I just got these pancakes, and I feel like I was about to cry. I was very conflicted about whether I was going to take blueberry or chocolate chip.”

— Cristofer Arbudzinski ’20

Everybody and their parents want to have that photo of them walking across that stage. This means being able to say that I graduated and not just digitally, which doesn’t pack as much ‘oomph’ as a cap and gown.”

—Eli Loeb ’20

I wish I had a dining hall in real life.”

—Luka Green ’20

I skipped my grad school commencement because I just don’t have the community that I have here at Pomona. So I was willing to let that go and come out here and do all this.”

—Sean Trimble ’20

It’s weird and it’s not weird. It seems so surreal when you first pull up, and then you just dive right back into it.”

—Jake Lialios ’20

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