Spring 2024 /The Value of the Liberal Arts/

Test-Optional Admissions Here to Stay

Multiple test preparation booklets

Students applying to Pomona College will no longer be required to provide standardized test scores for admission, with the pandemic-era policy to remain in place for all future applicants. Though students still may choose to submit SAT or ACT scores, test scores are not required for first-year or transfer admission after Pomona faculty voted last fall in support of making this policy permanent.

The College initially adopted test-optional admissions for first-year and transfer students applying for entry in fall 2021, as did many other U.S. colleges and universities during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pomona’s policy previously had been extended through fall 2024.

With test-optional admissions now cemented in place, Pomona’s selection process will continue to be thorough and comprehensive, says Assistant Vice President and Director of Admissions Adam Sapp: “It has always been our goal to admit students who we know will flourish at Pomona—making this test-optional policy permanent does not change that,” Sapp says.

“At Pomona, test scores are just one factor out of many to help admissions understand the academic preparation of the applicant. Other components include grades, rigor of curriculum, recommendation letters and exam scores such as AP scores, in addition to factors like extracurricular activities and essays to help understand who applicants are outside of the classroom.”

The College’s admissions and financial aid committee, which was instrumental in leading the conversation around Pomona’s testing policy, will review the impact of the College’s move to test-optional in five years, in the academic year 2028-29.