Summer 2023 /Historic Causes/

Scholars and Fellows

This year’s list of recipients of prestigious awards to study or conduct research at home or abroad includes two young women with striking achievements. Vera Berger ’23 was selected as both a Churchill Scholar and a National Science Foundation Fellow. She also was Pomona’s student body president as a senior. Alexandra Turvey ’24 was selected as both a Beckman Scholar and Goldwater Scholar. In addition, she is a multiple-time All-American swimmer for Pomona-Pitzer and received the NCAA’s Elite 90 Award from women’s swimming. The Elite 90 is presented to the student-athlete with the highest cumulative grade-point average participating at the finals site for each of the NCAA’s 90 championships.

Beckman Scholars

Santiago Serrano ’25
Alexandra Turvey ’24

Churchill Scholar

Vera Berger ’23

Downing Scholars

Mohammed Ahmed ’23
Rya Jetha ’23

Fulbright Scholars

Maggie Allegar ’23
Sophia Chanin ’23
Brittany Chen ’20
Peter Chong ’23
Kelly Ho ’22
Kaitlyn Lee ’23
Kyu Lee ’23
Calla Li ’22
Jacob Ligorria ’23
Delmy Ruiz ’23
Oliver Spivey ’23
Zachary Wakefield ’22
Nathaniel Wire ’23

Goldwater Scholars

Zoë Batterman ’24
Alexandra Turvey ’24

National Science Foundation Fellows

Vera Berger ’23
Zoe Haggard ’21
Joe Hesse-Withbroe ’21
Kirby Lam ’23
Rohan Lopez ’23
Adele Myers ’21
Gabrielle Ohlson ’21
Cody Pham ’21
Marie Tano ’21
Gabe Udell ’21
Clayton Ziemke ’18

Schwarzman Scholars

Solomon Olshin ’23
Qingjie “Bob” Zeng ’18