Spring 2014 /California/

State Secrets

Drawing on their research and expertise, Pomona faculty and staff let us in on some fascinating but not-so-obvious spots to visit around the Golden State.

statesecrets721) Amboy Crater: Geology Professor Eric Grosfils likes to take students to a strikingly symetrical cinder-cone volcano in the desert.

2) The Santa Ana River: Professor Heather Williams’ research explores a surprising and important riparian ecosystem — right in our own backyard.

3) Vast and scenic Anza-Borrego State Park is the perfect place for Geology Professor Bob Gaines’ student to learn the Earth’s history.

4) In San Diego’s Torrey Pines Mesa, regional economic expert Mary Walshok ’64 touts a hub of biotech innovation, striking architecture and seaside beauty.

5) Windswept and remote, San Francisco’s Farralon Islands are a key spot for birds — and a second home for Biology Professor Nina Karnovsky.

6) At the Computer History Museum, noted tech writer Ashlee Vance ’00 plugs into the ever-changing story of innovation and Silicon Valley.

7) Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe closed years ago, but the old church remains central to Professor Tomas Summers Sandoval’s history of San Francisco’s Latino community.

8) History Professor Victor Silverman finds a tragic human story and a stunning natural landscape at Donner Memorial State Park.

9) In the Los Angeles Central Library, Sociology Professor Emeritus Robert Herman finds the heart of the nation’s second-largest city.