Spring/Summer 2020 /Pandem-ocracy/

Crossword Challenge: “Initial Hints”

This crossword puzzle was designed by Joel Fagliano ’14, the digital puzzle editor of The New York Times and assistant to the print crossword editor, Will Shortz (Copyright 2016 by The New York Times). Just click on the crossword to expand and print. The answers are also available in case you are ever stumped.

Crossword Challenge: “Initial Hints”



1. Clothing items worn by Superman and Dracula
6. Urgent police message, for short
9. Border on
13. Like the numbers 11. 17 and 23
14. Floating chunk of ice
15. Call ___ on (claim)
16. Material for a surgical glove
17. Misfortunes
18. World’s largest furniture retailer
19. “BRB, I’m going to buy my favorite soda ___”
22. Daring
23. Boxing match
24. Like language that’s insensitive to the handicapped
27. Top color on a traffic light
28. Yiddish laments
31. Writer Kafka
32. Moves briskly, as a horse
34. “That’s amazing!”
35. ___ trap (part of a dryer)
36. Where you might see the abbreviations in this puzzle’s theme clues
37. Yawn-inducing person
38. Sum up
39. Belle’s love
40. Cold-weather jacket
41. Michael Bloomberg for Bloomberg L.P., e.g.
42. Give weapons
43. Apple Wallet document
45. Format of many a Buzzfeed article
47. Eat between meals
48. “JK, I was only pretending I knew 1960s first lady ___”
52. Fast-swimming shark
53. Sacha Baron Cohen persona
54. Doofus
56. Baker’s appliance
57. One of five in the Olympic logo
58. ___ and whey
59. The “m” of Einstein’s famous equation
60. “Right you are!”
61. Give a talk


1. Military rank below sgt.
2. ___ Spring (2010s movement)
3. Falafel holder
4. Up-and-coming
5. Frequent feature of Cosmopolitan magazine
6. Metal mixture
7. Sport played on horseback
8. Safest options
9. French farewell
10. “BTW, I should tell you I don’t commute by car, I ___”
11. Lyft competitor
12. Bag-screening org.
14. Prestigious distinction for an All-American athlete
20. Avenues: Abbr.
21. Physiques, informally
24. Insurance giant with a duck mascot
25 Bouquet tosser
26. “LOL, you’ve never eaten butter? Try this ___”
27. It gives off a foul, sulfury smell
29. Singer Thom of Radiohead
30. Perspiration
33. Prescriptions, for short
36. Of the third order
37. Put on the cloud, maybe
39. Soak up sun
40. Outdoor meals on blankets
44. Soak up sun
46. Desktop images
47. Parts of potatoes served as an appetizer
48. Coffee, slangily
49. Nobel-winning writer Wiesel
50. Urgent
51. Talks like this in “Star Wars” films he does
52. Honoree on the second Sunday in May
55. “Shame on you!”