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What’s Next in Technology Investing?

Tech DollarArtificial Intelligence? Think again.

Business proposals for technology on artificial empathy are already on the desks of venture capitalists and technology investors such as Melish “Matt” Thompson ’96 who are always looking for the next big thing to invest in.

Thompson is the senior vice president for private equity and venture capital at Skyview Capital where he has his finger on the pulse of Los Angeles investing. Currently, the focus is on FAMED, an acronym describing the areas in which L.A. investing is concentrated: fashion, autonomous technology (artificial intelligence or AI, drones, self-driving vehicles), media, e-sports/gaming (watching people play games and sports online) and dating startups.

While AI is still a hot and growing industry, Thompson says they’ve recently invested in a company developing artificial empathy technology that can help you with a problem and think about your feelings.

And you can forget about Bitcoin—that’s old news, says Thompson. “The new thing is blockchain. The underlying technology can be used to do a range of applications in healthcare and media—using blockchain as a secure database not just for currency.”

Lastly, Thompson says he’s already receiving business plans for mining asteroids—yes, you read that right: “Space exploration, asteroid mining… It might be sooner than you think.”

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