Fall 2015 /What If…/

Founders Day at the New Millikan

Founders Day 2015 was a celebration of mathematics, physics and astronomy, centered around the dedication of the rebuilt Millikan Laboratory and renovated Andrew Science Hall. The day featured a range of family-oriented activities, including Planetarium shows, physics and astronomy demonstrations, math lectures and music.

President David Oxtoby examining the model

President David Oxtoby examining the remains of a model atom “smashed” by a couple of bowling balls during the Millikan dedication.

A visitor looking at a cube-type-structure with soap bubbles

A visitor studying minimal surfaces in the Math Commons using soap bubbles on zome structures

Children sitting in a circle and passing around a ball

Children learning about forces while attempting to play catch in a rotating reference frame.

Student demonstrating microscope

Ian Descamps ’19 demonstrating the Hitachi SU 70 Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope in the new Microscopy Center.

Professor Ami Radunskaya  singing into the microphone

Mathematics Professor Ami Radunskaya singing with the Millikan Family Band.

Physics Professor Philip Choi, his, and students laughing

Angela Twum ’18, Physics Professor Philip Choi and his son Phineus Choi watching a musical performance.

Portrait of Peter Staub with face paint

Math student Peter Staub ’18 showing off his academic passion.