Fall 2015 /What If…/

Flocking Together

Members pose in front of Seaver House

Members of the Alumni Association Board include: (from left, front row) Emma Fullem ’14, Jared Mathis ’94, LJ Kwak ’05, Onetta Brooks ’74,Cathie Moon Brown ’53 P’75, Kyle Hill ’09, (second row) Jahan Boulden PZ’07, Jon Siegel ’84, Guy Lohman ’71, (third row) Anne Bachman Thacher ’75 P’07, Diane Ung ’85, Mac Barnett ’04, Nico Kass ’16, Maggie Lemons ’17 (intern), Mary Raymond, (fourth row) Lisa Phelps ’79 P’12, (fifth row) Roger Reinke ’51 P’80 GP’14, Emma Marshall ’14, Jordan Pedraza ’09, Brenda Barnett ’92, Matt Thompson ’96, Professor Lisa Beckett, (sixth row) Ward Heneveld ’64 P’92, Craig Arteaga-Johnson ’96 and Taziwa Chanaiwa ’95 P’17. Not pictured are: Conor O’Rourke ’03 and Peggy Olson ’61.

The Alumni Association Board held its first meeting of the year, led by Alumni Association President Onetta Brooks ’74, on October 4. President Oxtoby shared an informal “State of the College” and members were joined by parent and student guests for the following committee meetings:

  • Athletic Affinity (alumni co-chair Jared Mathis ’94)
  • Alumni Career Services (alumni co-chair Matt Thompson ’96)
  • Young Alumni Engagement (alumni co-chair Emma Fullem ’14)
  • Giving/Service Days (alumni co-chair Lisa Phelps ’79 P’12)
  • Current Matters of Concern (alumni co-chair Cathie Brown ’53 P’75)

To nominate someone for the Alumni Association Board, email alumni@pomona.edu.

Winter Break Parties

Celebrate the new year with a Pomona College Winter Break Party, coming to a city near you January 2–15, 2016! Held while students are home for winter break, this Pomona College tradition is one of the best ways for alumni to connect with students in their hometowns and to meet fellow Sagehens living nearby.

2016 Winter Break Parties are currently being planned for Boston, Chicago, Kansas City (Missouri), Los Angeles, Menlo Park, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

Don’t miss out—check out our listings at pomona.edu/alumnievents for details and updates about the Winter Break Party nearest you.

4/7 Celebration of Impact

Civic-minded Sagehens: Make sure you are part of Pomona’s second Celebration of Sagehen Impact, scheduled for April 7 (yes, 4/7), 2016. Last year, more than 150 Pomona students and alumni flooded the College’s Alumni Facebook group and Instagram feeds with pledges, shout-outs and stories about the many ways Sagehens are “bearing our added riches” on campus, in our neighborhoods and around the globe. Organize with fellow Sagehens or find your own ways to contribute your time, talent or treasure to the causes that mean most to you. Our community will be ready to celebrate your good work on April 7.

Budenholzer Heads List for Hall of Fame

Mike Budenholzer poses with Coach Charles Katsiaficas.

Mike Budenholzer ’92 with Mens’ Basketball Coach Charles Katsiaficas.

National Basketball Association Coach of the Year Mike Budenholzer ’92 and former Athletic Director Curt Tong were among the honorees when the Pomona-Pitzer Hall of Fame inducted six new members this fall. Also honored during the 58th annual induction ceremony were Scott Coleman PO ’05 (soccer); Joy Haviland PZ ’03 (water polo, swimming); Kevin Hickey PO ’99 (baseball); Lucia Schmit PO ’03 (water polo, swimming). Budenholzer was inducted as an honorary member (basketball) and Tong was honored for his years of distinguished service as athletic director.

Want to keep up with our sports teams and engage with the Athletics community? Follow @Sagehens on Twitter and like “Pomona-Pitzer Sagehens” on Facebook.

Ladd Named Inspirational Young Alumna

Jessica Ladd portrait

Jessica Ladd ’08

Jessica Ladd ’08 has been selected as the recipient of the 2015 Inspirational Young Alumni Award. Ladd, who was featured in the summer 2015 issue of PCM, is the founder and CEO of Sexual Health Innovations (SHI), a non-profit dedicated to creating technology that advances sexual health and wellbeing in the United States. At SHI, she spearheaded the creation of the STD partner notification website So They Can Know, the STD test result delivery system Private Results, and the college sexual assault reporting system Callisto.

Before founding Sexual Health Innovations, Ladd worked in the White House Office of National AIDS Policy, as a Public Policy Associate at The AIDS Institute, and as a sexual health educator and researcher for a variety of organizations. She also co-founded The Social Innovation Lab in Baltimore and a chapter of FemSex at Pomona College. Ladd has also recently been recognized as a Fearless Changemaker by the Case Foundation, an Emerging Innovator by Ashoka and American Express, and as the Civic Hacker of the Year by Baltimore Innovation Week.

Video Corner

Daring Minds Talks 

Tune in to a series of thought-provoking online lectures withmembers of our alumni community, including James Turrell ’65, EdKrupp ’66, Mary Schmich ’75, Bill Keller ’70 and Gabe London ’00. To find the Daring Minds playlist, and for more inspirational speakers and enriching stories from campus, visit youtube.com/pomonacollege and click “Playlists.”


From Angles to Angels: The Christianization of Barbarian England

A green pasture with a stone wall

With History Professor Ken Wolf
May 18–29, 2016

The eighth in a series of alumni walking trips with a medieval theme, this is the first involving the United Kingdom. Its purpose is to appreciate the fascinating history (captured by the Venerable Bede) of the conversion of the barbarian conquerors of England, starring the Irish and Roman missionaries. In Scotland, you will visit Kilmartin, Dumbarton and Loch Lomond; in England, Lindisfarne, Hadrian’s Wall and Durham Cathedral.

For more information, contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement at  1-888-SAGEHEN or alumni@pomona.edu.